Sintered stone is a new type of artificial stone, similar to porcelain, but harder and better than porcelain.


* Countertops (could be drilling holes, cutouts,polished edges):

size A:  800x2600x15mm

  size B:  1200x2600x15mm


* Wall and furniture decorations (could be book matched):

size A:  800x1600x12mm

  size B:  1200x2600x12mm

  size C:  1600x3200x12mm


* Sintered stone laminated with aluminum honeycomb backing, It is available for countertops, interior wall furniture decorations and exterior wall cladding.


* Sintered stone thin panels will coming soon, the size will be 1600x3200x4mm.



(1)Made in safety and healthy.

(2) non toxic, non radiation.

(3) hard material, polution resistant, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion

(4) A1 grade fire resistance to high temperature

(5) easily clean