StoneVic is a leading and professional manufacturer of stone. During past more than 10 years, we continue to strength technical innovation and quality management and wins trust and recognition of many customers.

Thintech Serious of StoneVic majors in exterior wall cladding, we slice stone to thickness of just between 4 to 20mm; by advanced equipment and technology, bond the veneer with different backers. Thintech provides your choice of reinforcement options including (GFG) fiberglass backing, granite+fiberglass backingand aluminum honey-comb backing.















    1. Thintech SFG Panel is 15~20mm granite or crystallized glass reinforced with fiberglass backing. It has the same quality or even stronger than conventional thickness stone cladding.

    colour selectionGraniteCrystallized Glass

    Typical thickness15mm17mm20mm

    Typical size1200x600, 1200x300mm, 600x600mm









    2. Thintech SGFG Panel is 5mm natural stone reinforced with 12 or 15mm natural granite and fiberglass backing.

    colour selectionMarble, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine

    Typical thickness5+12mm5+15mm

    Typical size1200x600, 1200x300mm, 600x600mm









    3. Thintech SAH Panel is 5mm stone composited with 15~20mm aluminum honeycomb backing. It is with lightest weight in our products range.

    colour selectionMarble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone

    Typical thickness5+15mm6+19mm

    Typical size1200x600, 1200x300mm, 600x600mm